Astronomy Communication

(André HECK and Claus Madsen, Editors)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht -- ISBN 1-4020-1345-0)

Table of contents

(H.A. Abt/NOAO)
(pp. vii-ix)

(pp. 1-2)

Public Communication of Astronomy
(C. Madsen & R.M. West/ESO)
(pp. 3-18)

Communicating Astronomy to the Media
(S.P. Maran/NASA GSFC et al.)
(pp. 19-29)

The Public Communication of Science and Technology
and International Networking
(P. Catapano/CERN et al.)
(pp. 31-42)

Science on Television
(R. Taylor/York Films)
(pp. 43-54)

Astronomy on Television
(N. Henbest/Pioneer Prod.)
(pp. 55-66)

Astronomy and Space Science in the European Print Media
(C. Madsen/ESO)
(pp. 67-120)

115 Years of Communicating Astronomy:
Education and Outreach at the
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
(A. Fraknoi/Foothill Coll. & ASP)
(pp. 121-138)

The Hubble Space Telescope Education and Outreach Program 
(I. Griffin/STScI)
(pp. 139-156)

Doing it Without Electrons:
Innovative Resources for Promoting Astronomy and Science
in a Developing Country
(C. Rijsdijk/SAAO)
(pp. 157-176)

Promoting Astronomy Education in Europe
(F. Wagner & R.M. Ros/EAAE)
(pp. 177-188)

Astronomy Education in Europe:
Studies Among Teachers and High-School Students
(A. Bacher/Univ. Innsbruck)
(pp. 189-202)

Astronomy Professional Communication
(A. Heck/Strasbourg Obs.)
(pp. 203-220)

Writing a Clear and Engaging Paper for All Astronomers
(L. Sage/Nature)
(pp. 221-226)

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