Information Handling in Astronomy -- Historical Vistas

(André HECK, Editor)

(Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht -- ISBN 1-4020-1178-4)

This book is is complementing the volume entitled `Information Handling in Astronomy' and already published.
Table of Contents

(pp. ix-xii)

Half a Century of Intense Maturation
(A. Heck, Strasbourg Astron. Obs.)
(pp. 1-13)

Evolution of Time Measurement in Astronomy
(E. Biémont, Univ. Liège & Univ. Mons-Hainaut)
(pp. 15-34)

Evolution of Data Processing in Optical Astronomy 
-- A Personal Account
(R. Albrecht, Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility)
(pp. 35-60)

Image Handling and Processing System
(P. Grosbøl & P. Biereichel, European Southern Obs.)
(pp. 61-70)

A Remarkable Achievement in Information Exchange
(E.W. Greisen, National Radio Astronomy Obs.)
(pp. 71-87)

The Munich Image Data Analysis System
(K. Banse, European Southern Obs.)
(pp. 89-107)

AIPS, the VLA, and the VLBA
(E.W. Greisen, National Radio Astronomy Obs.)
(pp. 109-125)

Changes in Astronomical Publications during the 20th Century
(H.A. Abt, Kitt Peak National Obs.)
(pp. 127-137)

The Evolution and Role of the Astronomical Library
and Librarian
(B.G. Corbin, US Naval Obs.)
(pp. 139-155)

The Development of the Astronomy Digital Library
(G. Eichhorn et al., Smithsonian Astrophys. Obs.)
(pp. 157-182)

From Early Directories to Current Yellow-Page Services
(A. Heck, Strasbourg Astron. Obs.)
(pp. 183-205)

Pre-college Astronomy Education in the United States
in the Twentieth Century 
(J.E. Bishop, Westlake Schools)
(pp. 207-231)

The Birth and Evolution of the Planetarium
(C.C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions)
(pp. 233-247)

The Changing Role of the IAU 
in Providing and Organising Information
(A. Batten, Herzberg Inst. Astrophysics
& D. McNally, Univ. Hertfordshire)
(pp. 249-266)

Was the Carte du Ciel an Obstruction 
to the Development of Astrophysics in Europe?
(D.H.P. Jones, Cambridge Inst. of Astronomy)
(pp. 267-274)

Amateur Data and Astronomical Discoveries in the 20th Century
(S. Dunlop, Univ. Sussex)
(pp. 275-294)

This book is dedicated to the memory of Gisèle Mersch (1944-2002). It is complementing the volume entitled `Information Handling in Astronomy' and already published. The cover is illustrated by Corinne Gerling's "Emergence of Knowledge" (2002).
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